How long does Zyrexin take to work?

Zyrexin works the very first time you use it. It starts to work within 30 to 40 minutes. It is unlike any other dietary supplement you may have tried in the past which required a daily regimen to begin to work. But this is not the case with Zyrexin.

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Why is Zyrexin so effective?

The catalyst in the Zyrexin formula is our exclusive compound Butea Superba. It is the only natural PDE-5 inhibitor know in nature. It is the only natural compound to be awarded a United States patent for it ability to help men with erectile problems! Simply stated, Zyrexin works better than any other natural producted ever developed.

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Are there any side effects?

No. Zyrexin is extremely safe and effective. The key components of the Zyrexin formula have been taken over 100 million times (that number is NOT a misprint!) without any reports of side effects. Unlike other compounds which can cause blue vision, upset stomach, sensitivity to light, nasal congestion and lowered blood pressure, our supplement has shown none of these contraindications.

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Is Zyrexin safe?

Zyrexin is extremely safe. The only people who should not take it are men who are not healthy and find sexual activity too strenuous. Please check with your doctor or licensed medical practitioner before taking Zyrexin.

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Will I get an erection automatically after taking Zyrexin?

No, you do not automatically get an erection. You must engage in some form of sexual stimulation like kissing, petting or visualization, then Zyrexin kicks in.

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Zyrexin is backed by our Money Back Guarantee